Avoid Hot Sticky Conditions By Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioner

Humidity in the air is just a fact of life, but many people hate it. It causes sweat to drench shirts for hours and the skin to feel sticky. The hot, humid climate is oppressive at times. People living on this beautiful island understand that they will never experience winter or spring here, and some have even suffocated due to the overwhelming wet conditions and high temperatures.

The way some residents battle these conditions is a matter of choice, and many choose to invest in high-quality air conditioning systems. That begs the question of what does one do when the air conditioner fails to operate properly. How does one understand and solve such problems? The purpose of this article is to address the ten most common problems with air conditioners and the best solutions.

1. Blocked Grills –

Air conditioner problems are created when the grills through which air passes become blocked. It is simple enough for most people to remedy this issue. Even those with no background in air conditioning repair, this is an easy fix, but you need to know how to go about it.

Being careful about the air conditioner’s electrical parts, carefully wipe the motors and fins to ensure they are free of debris. Keep these free of moisture while going through this process.
While removing the top grill, take special care, since it could have fan wires attached to it. Cleaning this grill could be the simplest thing you can do to fix a blocked grill.

2. Failure to Perform –

Sometimes, your air conditioning system might just fail to perform at all. It just stops working, and it is hard to determine what is wrong.

Fixing this could be as simple as locating the circuit breaker or fuse box associated with the air conditioning unit and either replacing the fuse or resetting the breaker.

3. Exterior Fan Problems –

The reason there is an exterior fan associated with the air conditioner is to provide the proper transfer of heat inside the home to the outdoors.

If this outside fan is not operating properly, the proper transfer of this heat cannot be expected to happen. Not enough air will be transferred, and possible damage to the compressor could occur.
To apply a remedy to this, you may be required to replace the capacitor or motor.

4. Frozen Coils or Drainage Problems –

A couple of other problems that can occur with the air conditioner system is frozen coils and drainage issues. These can be frustrating problems to have, and at times, the unit may be totally blocked, which can render the cooling system completely ineffective.

It should be a routine practice to inspect the drain and ensure that it is not blocked or clogged.

When coils and filters become dirty, they can be rendered ineffective, and the entire air conditioner will not work the way it should. This can negatively affect the compressor and create a major problem.

5. Sensor Issues –

The reason for the thermostat sensor is to measure the air temperature as it moves through the coil. When the sensor is dislocated from its proper position, the air conditioner might only work sporadically, making it an unreliable appliance for the user.

The best way to fix this problem is to have it checked out by a professional who can replace it in the appropriate position. The remedy is typically easy to apply.

6. Failures That Pertain To Electrical Controls –

To ensure that your air conditioner is functioning properly, it is important to make sure that all electrical components are operating the way they should.

If the air conditioning system is too large, then the electrical systems typically do not work as they should. Instead, they will switch off and on continually throughout the day without cooling the home effectively. The result is that the usual wear on the fan controls and compressor is increased, and that leads to major problems.

7. Foul Odors –

Another common problem with the air conditioner comes from bad odors. As the system goes through its normal cycles of cooling and warming, moisture can collect on it, and that can cause nasty odors to develop.

This problem can be eliminated by simply ensuring that the moisture evaporates as it should, and that will prevent weird odors from ensuing. A mixture of soap and water can also be poured down the drain to help correct this problem.

8. Fan Belt Wailing Noise –

Another problem that can occur with an air conditioner is when the fan belt begins making unsettling, loud noises.

The best remedy for this problem is to return the fan belt to its proper position.

9. Refrigerant Leaks –

When the air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, or it was not charged properly when it was installed, it will soon run low of refrigerant.

This is when you should call in the professionals to solve the issue. You don’t want to try to fix it yourself because adding refrigerant can be risky business.

10. Installation Problems/Size –

It is important that the air conditioner is the right size for your home. One that is too large or too small will eventually cause problems while using more energy than it should.

To make sure that your home comfort system will work properly for your home, ensure that the right size is installed. Doing so will save a lot of money and heartache during hot weather conditions.


The above are some of the most common issues with air conditioners, but they are not the only ones you may have trouble with. If you do not recognize your air conditioning problems in this list, be sure to contact an HVAC contractor for a professional opinion. Otherwise, you might risk further damage to the system. By contacting a professional, you will be saving both time and money taking care of the issue.